MRP Company Statement

Mayo Renewable Power – A Biomass Power Station Only.

The Mayo Renewable Power plant in Killala, Co. Mayo will be Ireland’s largest wood biomass-burning power station. It will be strictly a wood biomass burning High Efficiency Combined Heat and Power plant. It will not be, as has been suggested recently in the local media by an individual(s), an incineration-type power plant. The Mayo Renewable Power plant will not be able at any stage to accept, store or burn municipal waste. There are four reasons for this:

Legally – The EPA granted Mayo Renewable Power an Industrial Emissions Licence in 2014. On the Introduction page, the license states that “The licence includes a limitation that there is no combustion of waste at the installation.” (Click on Link for full licence document Secondly, Mayo County Council granted Mayo Renewable Power planning permission in 2011 specifying that permission is for “the combusting biomass material (wood & herbaceous)”. ( Click on Link for full Planning Permission document (P10/997) on Mayo County Council website

Financially – The Mayo Renewable Power facility is part of the REFIT Government renewable support scheme. This is only possible because Mayo Renewable Power is a wood biomass-burning facility. REFIT does not include incineration. (Click on Link for more on REFIT

Commercially – Mayo Renewable Power’s business plan is predicated on the aforementioned REFIT support scheme. If Mayo Renewable Power were to attempt to burn waste it would lose the REFIT support and hence collapse the business model it operates under.

Technically – Mayo Renewable Power’s boiler is specifically manufactured for wood chip. Burning waste would damage the plant and breach our emissions limits set by EPA whereby we would be required to cease operations immediately.

Mayo Renewable Power Ltd. hopes that this statement sets the record straight in regard to our plans and that no further mis-information will be disseminated regarding our investment.

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