Mission Statement

Mayo Renewable Power Killala Plant will be Ireland’s largest independent biomass power plant. We aim to be a model for other communities throughout Ireland and Europe. Our efforts will help Ireland meet its renewable energy targets as set out in the Governments National Renewable Energy Plan. We are committed to safety in our operations & above all, protecting our natural environment.

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Project Description

Mayo Renewable Power (MRP) is building a 42.5 MW (net) biomass High Efficiency CHP plant located on the former Asahi site in Killala, Co. Mayo. CHP or Combined Heat & Power is a form of technology whereby both heat and electricity are produced to obtain the maximum energy from the input fuel. In operation, this plant will use wood chip biomass. The fuel will be supplied from a variety of sources including locally grown willow, spruce from local forestry and forestry thinnings along with imported supplies. Adjacent to the power plant will be a biomass fuel storage and processing facility which will supply biomass wood chips…